The Idea and Team behind iGive2

The vision of iGive2 is to improve the lives of people living with chronic diseases to feel healthier, happier & more connected.

iGive2 is a joint project led by iBreve, who develops self-care wearable solutions that focus on prevention and Universal Doctor, who provides digital health solutions to improve global health. Both being very active in the health tech sector, iGive2 was born from the needs we encountered when speaking with clinicians, researchers, innovators and patients. On the one hand there is the growing demand for real world data through wearables and digital health, which raises the need for improved data privacy & security tools. And on the other hand, we have the challenge of healthy aging and disease prevention through implementing behavioral change.

Our teams joined forces to develop iGive2 to help people better manage & prevent chronic diseases by leveraging the community aspect and to provide a secure platform with data privacy in mind that facilitates research and collaboration in health. With the name iGive2 we wanted to reflect that the platform enables everyone to contribute to the community as well as to health innovation.

Improving Quality of Life

Traditionally, healthcare systems focus on episodic interventions instead of continuous and preventative measures. But if we look at chronic diseases, the leading causes of death and disability worldwide according to the WHO, they often need to be managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A community based care model is a more logical approach in this context because it allows for more continuous care with improved quality of life.

iGive2 aims to bring together patients, their families & local communities to improve health outcomes by connecting real-time monitoring with shared health goals and prevention. Our users can create their own health hub & set healthy goals suitable for all their family members or friends. Together they can embark on a virtual journey around the world by tracking their healthy behaviors.

Facilitating Innovation while Maintaining Privacy

The development of modern therapies to tackle complex diseases is often hindered by the lack of access to privacy conform aggregated real world data.
iGive2 aims to support the development of personalized healthcare solutions for more continuous care with patient engagement for improved quality of life. We strive to connect citizens, researchers, clinicians and innovative health tech companies to facilitate innovative research.

The iGive2 platform provides a secure tool that aims to make the management of study participants and the integration of wearable biosensors easy. Researchers can onboard their own participants or request access to data from the existing community. Citizens are always in full control over their data and have the opportunity to anonymously share it with research projects.

Growing the idea with support from the NGI Ledger project

To bring our idea to reality we joined the NGI (Next Generation Internet) project Ledger as this is well aligned with our goals of a human-centric design, decentralisation through community and a strong focus on data sovereignty. With the support of Ledger, our team was able to rapidly accelerate our development while benefiting from the extensive knowledge in technology & business of our experienced NGI mentors. Further, the program enabled us to gain international visibility and to partner with renowned organizations.

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